Mario Tapia possesses more than 15 years of experience in computing and leading-edge technologies. He started his career working in the Military R&D division of Boeing, known as the Phantom Works. There, he engineered the next generation of advanced technologies for military aircraft. His experience in mobile began in 2000, pioneering Location Based Services at Telecommunication Systems Inc. He is recognized as a subject matter expert on entertainment for mobile Internet technologies and carries two patents related to Location Based Services. Mario has launched mobile data products at AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile USA, Disney Mobile, Danger Inc. and other mobile startups. His list of clients for strategy consulting includes South Korea Telecom Intl., Cell Japan, and Nokia.

Mario is well experienced in working with licensed brands, (ESPN, Napster, Playboy, Disney and Rollingstone) bringing entertaining tones, images, and games to mobile consumers. He also pioneered SMS voting in the US with American Idol while at AT&T Wireless. Mario is very active in the Wireless community, he is founder of Mobile Monday Seattle and Los Angeles, a Global Wireless Industry Group. Mario holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from California State University at Fresno and has completed post-graduate work in Engineering at the University of Washington. He currently resides in the beautiful city of San Francisco California, where he enjoys many of the outdoor and sailing activities available.


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